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Broward Mobile NotaryOur Notary Signing Agents are here to assist in the closing process of loan signing documents for lenders, signing services and title companies.  We are NNA background screened and certified.  We are also Bonded and E&O Insured.  Our Agents provide an experienced and professional service to guarantee the swift, on-time execution and delivery of clients private financial loan documents.

How we proceed with the signing;

  • Once we receive the documents and review them for any questions, we will contact the signer to schedule their signing appointment.
  • During appointment scheduling we advise the signer to bring proper valid identification and confirm all signers will be present.
  • At the beginning of our appointment we confirm all signers are present with proper identification. We explain the process of the signing and our role as the NSA and we confirm the signer has the proper contact information for the lending company to direct any loan questions to.
  • As the signing begins, we provide a general description of the documents and present each document individually for signature.
  • We do not offer any counsel or advice at any point during the signing, only general guiding loan signing practices.
  • Each document is notarized at the time of signing to confirm accurate name and date of execution.
  • At the end of the appointment our Agents review all signature lines, dates and executions and prepare the documents for return shipping.
  • Once your documents are shipped we will follow up with your representative and provide tracking information.

We are here to offer a stress-free, understandable loan signing service and provide your borrowers with peace of mind that their documents are executed properly and in the most professional way.
Do you have any questions or are you ready to send us your documents? Call our office at 954-866-5056 We are here to help!


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