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Mobile Notary in Broward County – Swearing in a witness

Administrative-HearingsDo you need to swear in a witness for an Administrative Hearing?

Under the “Uniform Rules of Procedure” information of the Florida Administrative Procedures Act, Chapter 120, Florida Statutes, a Notary Public is able to assist with administering an oath and confirming the identity of a witness for testimonies taken by telephone.


28-106.213 Evidence.

(5) (b) For any testimony taken by telephone, a notary public must be physically present with the witness to administer the oath. The notary public shall provide a written certification to be filed with the presiding officer confirming the identity of the witness, and confirming the affirmation or oath by the witness. It shall be the responsibility of the party calling the witness to secure the services of a notary public.


Click this link to see out NOTARY CERTIFICATES Word document of Swearing In Witness

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