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florida quit claim form example

What is a Florida Quitclaim Deed?

A quitclaim deed is a type of deed that transfers an interest in real property, like a house, vacant land or a mobile home. The person giving the property is the grantor. The person receiving the property is the grantee. Quitclaim deeds are sometimes referred to as quit claim or quick claim deeds.

A Quitclaim deed is used when a property transfers ownership without being sold. No money is involved in the transaction, no title search is done to verify ownership, and no title insurance is issued.

quitclaim deed

We prepare your completed quitclaim deed and come to your location with two (2) original copies for you to sign for our notary. We will make sure your documents include, the legal description of the real estate being transferred, the date of the transfer and the names of the “grantor” and “grantee.” And we bring the documents to you to have the deed signed by all parties in front of our notary public.

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We prepare your Durable Power of Attorney, produce (3) Three original copies and come to your location for signing and notarizing your documents. You may email your forms to us and we can print and provide you with (3) Three original documents as well.   Have comfort in knowing your documents will be professionally prepared and brought to you when and where you need them the most.

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