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denied notary service

Will your parent be able to sign a Durable Power of Attorney? Notary service will be denied if

broward notary 954-866-5056Notaries have a single obligation to determine whether an individual signing a document is coherent enough to understand the contents of the documents they are signing.  This is the sole purpose of a Notary.

Notary service will be denied if the signer can not answer a few simple questions and is unaware of what they are signing.

Far too often I am scheduled for a notary service call that completely contradicts the purpose of the signing. I do not get paid for my time going to a rehab center to only come to find the signer unable to sign because they have an inability to speak due to a stroke side-effect or unable to comprehend the situation because of a brain injury.

Although I understand the importance and urgency of getting these documents executed to help manage someone’s life affairs after a serious illness, I must deny service to any one I determine can not understand the forms they are signing.

A signer must be able to answer a few questions like….

  • When is your birthdate?
  • What did you eat for dinner last night?
  • What colors are on the American flag?
  • How many letters are in the word CAT?

If a signer can not answer a few simple questions, he surely will not be able to understand the legality of a document.

When scheduling notary service, please evaluate the condition of the signer and pre-determine their abilities to comprehend their meeting with the notary.

Will your parents be able to sign a Durable Power of Attorney in the event they experience a life threatening condition? Usually not.  Schedule your Document signing service today! Click here